London Ski and Snowboard Show Rail Demo

I got to Earls Court on Saturday morning at 8:45, I practiced for about half an hour on the Donkey, Street and Canon rails.
My poles were bent and 2 Security guards went and brought me some new poles and I was very happy.

In the rail demo there was a massive crowd and I was very nervous but i did it and smashed the rails doing a 270 off the big canon rail and a got a smooth grab on the street rail. It was very fun and me, Josh Birch and Will Gilmore all did the rails at the same time. I loved the street rail best.  I did the rail jams 5 times on Saturday and 5 times on Sunday with some amazing dancers in a fashion show. It was absolutely sickage.

In between the rail demos I had a look around and met some really nice people, my sponsor Planks Clothing was there and I got a new Hoody and Hat to ski in. I hung around a lot at Warren Smiths stand and the British Freeski Camps stand with Becky, Andy and Webbo. The weekend has been absolutely sickage.

bradley-fry-josh-birch bradley-fry-street-rail-1 bradley-fry-street-rail-2 bradley-fry-street-rail-3 bradley-fry-street-rail-crew bradley-fry-street-rail-sick

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