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Laax Kids Open – 10th March
1st Place

bradley fry laax kids open 2018

Swiss Freeski Tour LAAX Championships – 16th March
14th in heat out of 25, this was my first FIS event and i was the youngest in the field

Brits LAAX – 2nd April
U16’s Big Air –  1st Place
U16’s Halfpipe – 2nd Place
U16’s Slopestyle – 2nd Place

bradley fry laax brits 2018 skier




English Indoor Slopestyle Championships, Castleford 17th June
U16’s 1st Place

British Championships LAAX Switzerland
U16’s Slopestyle – 5th April : 3rd Place
U16’s Halfpipe – 6th April : 3rd Place
U16’s BigAir – 7th April : 3rd Place

bradley fry laax 2017 brits championships

bradley fry laax 2017 brits championships





British Indoor Championships, Chillfactore – 15th October
U12’s 1st Place
I had a great time yesterday at the brits and won my category, everyone did really well. It was beast.

bradley fry brits chillfactore 2016

bradley fry brits chillfactore 2016

Scottish Indoor Championships, Glasgow – 10th September
U12’s 1st Place
I had a fun day at the Scottish champs I really enjoyed my self and I came 1st in the u12’s I fell on my 1st run but the 2nd was better.

bradley fry scottish slopestyle championships glasgow


Snozone Castleford, Kids Jam – August
I won the U14’s yay, I was happy and I had a good time skiing the setup was great. Snozone castleford
bradley fry cas kidsjam miniredbullmosters


English Indoor Championships, Chillfactore Manchester – June
U12’s 1st Place

bradley fry english slopestyle championships chillfactore


K-Jam – Kendal – May
U12’s 1st Place

bradley fry k-jam


The Brits – Laax Switzerland
Slopestyle U12’s 1st Place
Half Pipe 2nd Place

bradley fry laax


Mini Shred Contenst – Laax Switzerland
Slopestyle – 1st Place
Half Pipe – 1st Place

bradley fry mini shred contest laax






Mojam 3, Revenge of the Tash, Bracknell, 13th November
U16’s 1st Place / Best Trick
bracknell ski Mojam3 bradley fry

Photo from David Allen


JIBWORX, 13th November
U16’s 2nd Place
bradley fry jibworx


JIBWORX, 30th October
U16’s 1st Place
bradley fry jibworx

British Indoor Championships, 10th October
U12’s 1st Place (Joint 7th Overall)
bradley fry skier brits slopestyle champion


Scottish Indoor Championships, 5th September
U12’s 1st Place (11th Overall)
bradley fry scottish slopestyle champion u12


Bearsden’s GoBigOrGoHome, June 20th
U13’s 3rd Place
Bradley fry go big or go home


English Slopestyle Championships, Chillfactore Manchester, 6th June
U12’s – 1st Place
Finals 6th Overall
bradley fry English Slopestyle Championships 2015


K-Jam Kendal, 9th May
U12’s – 1st Place
 bradley fry uk slope style freeskier





PlasticPow Swadlincote Ski Slope November 22nd
U12’s – 1st Place
bradley fry 1st pace skier


Mojam at Bracknell Ski and Snowboard Centre – The Return of the TASH November 15th
U16’s – 1st Place
bracknell ski Mojam2 bradley fry


Oatcack Jam Kidsgrove Ski Slope November 12th
U12’s – 2nd Place
Bradley Fry kidsgove ski slope


British Indoor Championships sponsored by PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING October 11th
U12’s – 1st Place

bradley fry and crew at the brits chill factore


Scottish Indoor Slopestyle Championships August 30th
U12’s – 1st Place


English Slopestyle Championships June
U12’s – 1st Place



Go Big Or Go Home Gloucester June
U16’s Skier – 3rd place

bradley fry


Kendal KJAM – May
Freestyle Jam / Kicker / Rail / Box      1st Place U12 M

Bradley Fry wins KJAM freestle comp


The Brits – March

Bradley Fry at the brits Tignes 2014

Bangers and Cash
Joint 4th Place U12 M (Joint 9th overall out of 27)
2nd place U12 M (7th overall out of 21)
5th Place U12 M (16th overall out of 32)
9th Place U12 M (out of 11)



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