The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show 2015

on the 5th November I went to Battersea park and skied with the demo team for 4 days. Sadly on the first day I hurt my foot so I had to not ski so I just went round getting stickers and plenty of free stuff. I was very happy that I got sponsored by Volkl, Marker, Dalbello and Ellis Brigham all on the same day, my skis looked the best. I skied in the brits style comp on Friday which was really fun and on Saturday I skied in the London Ride with everyone. I decided to step it up now my foot was ok and started spinning. I was very happy I finished 9th overall as I was the youngest skier. On the last day Sunday I told my dad I was going to smash it and I was gonna land some 7’s so I stepped it up again and went for it. I was very happy I landed them. I really enjoyed the ski show and i chucked some prizes out to the crowd. Other than skiing I had 2 free massages which was a surprise and I got free coke from the bar. I had a great time there and I hope everybody else did to ! 🙂

I think I got about 64 pens and 624027 stickers. On the way home the bags where about 100kg because they were full of free stuff.
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