The Brits 2014, Tignes, France

I had an amazing time at the Bex and Webbo Camp in Tignes France last week starting on the 23rd March 2014.

When I arrived in the mountains I was super happy to be there, it was beautiful. We first went to the snow parks in Val and Tignes and I was a bit scared to go off the big jumps but I was determined to hit them. By the end of the day I was landing 360 mute grabs every time and you couldn’t get me of the park. I had the best time being coached by Becky Hammond and James Webb.

In the British Championships I won a Silver medal in the Super Pipe
Finished 4th in the Bangers and Cash Rail U12 KM cat and got a 5th place in Slope Style in the U12′s KM cat. I am very very stoked and really happy.


bradley fry - bexandwebbo camps   bradley fry - bex and webbo camps  bradley fry  bradley fry - panks clothing

bradley fry twister  bradley fry kicker training   planks clothing bradley fry  the brits 2014 bradley fry

the brits bangers and cash  bradley fry and webbo at the brits  bangers and cash at the brits 2014  the brits

bradley fry silver medal at the brits  bradley fry trespass Halfpipe-  bangers and cash  bradley fry silver medal the brits 2014

I also got a special mention on the brits website for doing so well


bradley fry


Thank you Becky Hammond and James Webb for coaching me, I’ve had the best time ever.
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